Chris Cox


Here are some of the films that I have made.

Promotional Films

I have made a range of promotional films for a verity of people, each with different specifications and requirements. From interview style films- such as 'Defy the Stereotype' a film about creating awareness about assumptions and perceptions of people to 'Holiday Memories' - a film for a family tree tracing business about holidays in the past. I have also made films for various bands which aim to show what the band is like during their rehearsals. Within school, I was also asked to make a range of videos- such as a promotional film used in a sixth-form presentation event, as well as edit a video documenting the school's events for the 2012 Olympic Games.

If you would like more information about the different types of promotional films that I can make, please contact me!

Fictional-Live Action

I have also made films with narrative that feature real people. One of my first live action films was 'The Asylum' a short horror film made for my ICT GCSE coursework. I then went on to make a sequel to this in my spare time. I continued to make short films into my A levels, making 'Virtula' a film about a violin player and 'Infected' - a short zombie film. I hope to put these online later this year. Making these films has enabled me to lean important teamwork skills- such as how to manage (and motivate!) a cast and crew to work effectively within specific time constraints.

Fictional-Stop-Motion Animation

The first films that I made were stop motion animation films. Here I have developed my skills as a filmmaker. My most popular animated videos are two episodes from an animated series that I made about a character called 'Mr. Snail'.  The first episode focuses on Mr. Snail as he goes to the supermarket, and the second one follows him as he tries out skateboarding.

I hope to get back into stop-motion animation in the future as it is something that I find very interesting and creative.

Auto Ride Count

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Auto Ride Count

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