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Rollercoaster Race and this webpage are no longer being maintained, however this page has been retained for reference.
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Rollercoaster Race

Only the fastest can win the race...
How fast can you get on 4 rollercoasters/thrill rides*? Use this free Android app to find out, then share your score with your friends!

*see FAQs for compatible rides

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About Rollercoaster Race

Have you ever wanted to race with others to see how fast you can get on rollercoasters and thrill rides*? Well, with Rollercoaster Race, you can do just that! This free Android app can automatically recognize which rides you go on, as well as timing how long it takes you.

The first release of the app includes game mode 1- where your mission is to get on 4 rides in the shortest possible time, however you are not allowed to go on the same ride twice in a row!

Game mode 2 will be added to the app in the next update, and will challenge you to go on as many rides as possible in 45 minutes!

Once you have completed the game,  you can use the app to share your score with your friends using your favorite social networking site-such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also export your rides to Auto Ride Count and to our online scoreboard! (coming soon)

*Selected rides and parks only-please see the FAQs section for info.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the answers to questions that you may have about Rollercoaster Race. If you still have any questions, please contact us!

Why can I not use Rollercoaster Race at [park]?

Adding a park to the app takes a long time as I have to go on each ride multiple times to collect data, then test that the app works. This means that not all the parks in the UK are supported. If you want to help add it to the app then please contact us!

Why is [ride] not on the app?

The only rides that are included in Rollercoaster Race are outdoor thrill rides and rollercoasters. If a ride is inside (e.g. X at Thorpe Park) I may not have included it as the phone would struggle to get GPS signal. I also prioritized rollercoatsers over flat rides, because rollercoasters are easier to identify. This may mean that rollercoasters work better than flat rides.

Some rides may have been added to the park after the ride data was collected (e.g. The Smiler at Alton Towers). Therefore these rides may not be included in the app, however I am working to add them ASAP. If you would like to help add them to the app, then please contact us

Why did the app not work on [ride]?

A ride may not be identified for many reasons, for example- if the ride was running unusually slow/fast, the G forces may be different to what the app was expecting. Another reason for the app not finding the ride could be the accuracy of the GPS device in your phone.

If a ride has not been identified properly, or the app has said that you are on a different ride, please contact us to help us improve the app in the future!

Are you going to make the app for iOS/other OS?

Unfortunately, Rollercoaster Race is only available on Android for the moment. I may look into developing the app for other device operating systems in the future depending on how much interest there is for it-so if you want the app on your OS, request it on Facebook or Twitter!

Compatible Rides:

The following rides should work with the app:

Alton Towers:

Air Congo River Rapids
Enterprise Nemesis
Oblivion Ripsaw
Rita Runaway Mine Train
Sonic Spinball Submission
Th13teen The Blade
The Flume The Smiler

Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

Avalanche Big Dipper
Big One Blue Flyer
Grand National Ice Blast
Infusion Nickelodeon Streak
Revolution Steeplechase
Wild Mouse  

Lightwater Valley:

Black Pearl Black Widow's Web
Caterpillar Coaster Eagle’s Claw
Ladybird Powder Kegs
Raptor Attack The Ultimate
Twister Wild River Rapids

Thorpe Park:

Colossus Detonator
Flying Fish Nemesis Inferno
Rumba Rapids Rush
Samurai Saw-The Ride
Slammer Stealth
The Swarm Tidal Wave

Contact Us:

Got a question about Rollercoaster Race? Simply fill in this form and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!


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