Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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Names and Trademarks

Auto Ride Count is not affiliated with or endorsed by any theme park/company. All names/trademarks belong to respective owners.

Whilst using the app

We (the developers) are not responsible for anything (including, but not limited to damage to the device whilst using the app). Please remember to keep your phone/device safe and secure at all times. Also remember to respect rules and notices around the park regarding phone/device usage.

You also agree not to attempt to copy, modify or otherwise reverse engineer the app(s).

GPS Location Data

Auto Ride Count uses GPS and network location as part of the theme park & ride identification process. This data is only processed within the app and is not stored or transmitted elsewhere.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to help improve the app for future versions by collection information to show which parts of the app are the most popular, as well as basic information about the range of phones that the app is installed on (e.g. phone type). All data is anonymous. No personal information is collected. Data is never passed on to other people. More info about Google Analytics can be found here.

Analytics can be disabled at any time in the settings menu.